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Wrawby St Mary's CofE Primary School

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Our Vision - At Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary School, we strive for a full life in mind, body, heart and spirit to plan, prosper and give hope and a future to all. We believe in a journey of education enabling every child to feel love, challenge and excitement as they access skills to build future pioneers and leaders. Our school is a beacon of hope and sign of the kingdom.


Read, write, Inc.  Phonics Programme


Each day at 9:05, the children go to their designated adult for their Read, Write, Inc. (RWInc) lesson which lasts forty minutes. Each lesson starts with the children learning a new sound, this is known as the daily speed sounds lesson. The children in Reception will learn a new sound every day for the first few weeks. After that, the children learn three new sounds a week with two days reviewing those sounds. Once the sound is learned, the children read words containing the new sound. Some of these are real words but we also read nonsense words that contain the sound in order to apply the phonic knowledge. After the speed sounds lesson, the children continue to read unfamiliar words from their reading book, as well as speedy green words and tricky words. Finally, the children read their book with a partner, each day becoming more familiar with the text and increasing their on-sight word recognition as well as their fluency. Every half term, the children are assessed and regrouped to ensure the teaching is pitched appropriately for each child.

Supporting your child's reading journey


Your child's reading journey probably started long before they even stepped through the

doors at Wrawby St Mary's CofE Primary School. Children love a bedtime story, sometimes

the same one over and over again. This is a quiet time they get to spend with an adult or

sibling: listening to a story, exploring the pictures, developing empathy with the characters

and feeding their imagination.

Here are some ideas on how you can support your child now they are learning to read for themselves:

· make reading part of your regular routine

· read to them - children need to hear good role models.

· you read a page, they read a page

· read alongside but hang back a little providing support

· discuss what's happening in the pictures

· read in short bursts

· watch the RWInc videos.

Your child's reading diary plays an important part in their success.