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Wrawby St Mary's CofE Primary School

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Our Vision - At Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary School, we strive for a full life in mind, body, heart and spirit to plan, prosper and give hope and a future to all. We believe in a journey of education enabling every child to feel love, challenge and excitement as they access skills to build future pioneers and leaders. Our school is a beacon of hope and sign of the kingdom.

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


Week commencing 7th May 2024

Mrs Robson was invited to watch a very special performance by the Y3 children during their music lesson with Miss Oliver. The children have been learning to play the recorder since they started in Year 3 and have made tremendous progress -  holding of the recorder, finger placement, reading notation and rhythms, and playing together as a group. We hope you enjoy our video.


Still image for this video



This week the children used watercolours as they explored warm and cold colours based on the artist Turner. 

Friday 19th April 2024

In Maths this week the children have been learning about different angles and turns as well as the properties of 3D shapes. We used cocktail sticks and marshmallows (yes, we ate some!) to create 3D shapes and investigate the number of faces, edges and vertices each of them have. 

Friday 8th March 2024


This week the children started to sew their initial to begin to create their cushion cover in DT. On Thursday both Miss Robson and I had the pleasure of listening to various stories in class. Both year 3 and 4 created some raps based on World Book day, some children worked on their own and others in small groups. 

Some examples of the written raps

Week commencing 21st January 2024


In Art, the children have been developing their cutting, painting and designing skills making a 3D Viking longboat in preparation for sculpting a long boat out of clay.

Week commencing 8th January 2024

Happy New Year! It was a joy to see all of the children back to school ready for the Spring term and full of stories about the holidays. 


In PE this week the children were demonstrating their balancing skills using different parts of their bodies. There was an abundance of perseverance on show as they either tried new balances or mastered ones they learned in Y2. Following this, the children  created a short sequence of balances to show other groups.

Week commencing 18th December 2023

Mrs Robson and Miss Yarsley would like to wish all of our families a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 8th January.

Here are a few highlights from the Christmas party.

Week commencing 11th December 2023

It was so lovely to see so many family and friends join the children from Class 3 on our Christmas Craft afternoon. Thank you! 

Week commencing 27th November 2023

In DT this week the children have been adapting a basic biscuit recipe. First of all they had to decide, as a group, who their target audience was going to be, before budgeting and choosing extra ingredients they thought their target audience would like. The children also had to design the packaging for their biscuits, using persuasive marketing tools, and consider how much they would sell their product for. 


Week commencing 20th November 2023


Following our inspiring visit from the poet Matt Goodfellow, the children in Class 3 have written their own poems during English. Matt talked about writing using your own voice, so if you say 'cos, you write 'cos. Here are some of the children's responses to 'I'll never work on my birthday'.


I'll never work on my birthday

'cos that just wouldn't

be right


I'll never work on my birthday

'cos we're gonna explore

the never ending button pressing tardis



I'll never work on my birthday

'cos we're gonna dive

in the refreshing ocean



I'll never work on my birthday

'cos we're gonna skip

in the silky, amber sand



I'll never work on my birthday

'cos we're gonna bounce

on fluffy, clean clouds



By Zoe





Week Commencing 6th November

This week Year 4 had the privilege of meeting the poet Matt Goodfellow. Matt presented an awe-inspiring workshop, sharing a selection of his poems from memory!


Matt was born in Withington, Manchester, and grew up in Cheadle, Stockport, where he still lives now with his wife, Joanna, and children, Will and Daisy (and Woody the Golden Retriever and Jessie the very fat cat.) He was supposed to be a rock star - and spent many years trying to be one until he realised he was actually pretty rubbish at music. He put the guitar down and became a primary school teacher, working in an East Manchester school for over 10 years. The songs he used to write in bands became poems for the children in his classes. Eventually Matt's poems started to get published and he went part time as a teacher, part time as a poet in schools. After a couple of years, he went full time - and now poets all over the UK and beyond. Matt is proud to be a National Poetry Day Ambassador for the Forward Arts Foundation. Matt has worked with all sorts of different people including The Premier League, The National Literacy Trust and many more...'


He promoted his amazing new poetic novel entitled The Final Year. 'A poignant novel about the complexities of friendship dynamics which is perceptive, insightful and sensitively written, with touches of humour.' It has been a joy to see the children devouring his book!



Week Commencing 30th October

This week, Class 2 have been learning about the pioneer and leader Lord William Armstrong, famous for creating the first house in the world to be lit by hydro-electricity, and the first to be lit by Joseph Swan's newly invented incandescent light bulbs.


To this day, Cragside uses a hydroelectric system. In 2014 the National Trust installed an Archimedes Screw, which uses water from Tumbleton Lake. As water passes through the spiral blades, the screw turns and harnesses the energy of the falling water. The electricity produced lights the whole house, and any surplus goes to the National Grid.


We made and tested our own Archimedes screw and were intrigued to see the water climbing up the tube, pushed by the air and the bottom of the tube rotated in and out of the water. 





Week Commencing 16th October

Inspired by the wonderful 'Apes to Zebras', Year 3 have been exploring shape poems and learning to use figurative language within their writing. 

Please click on the image to enlarge

Week Commencing October 9th


Having learnt about the different types of teeth and their function, this week in science Year 4 were investigating the question: Which liquid would damage tooth enamel the most?


As we didn't want to volunteer our own teeth for this investigation, we used eggs because their shells are made of a similar substance to tooth enamel (though eggshells are much thinner than the enamel on our teeth!).


We placed five eggs in a different liquid (water, cola, orange juice, apple juice and milk) and observed the effects over the course of this week. You can see the results in the below photos taken over the course of the week.

Effect on Eggs Placed in Water

Effect on Eggs Placed in Cola

Effect on Eggs Placed in Orange Juice

Effect on Eggs Placed in Apple Juice

Effects on Eggs Placed in Milk

Week Commencing 25th September


In maths this week, Class 3 faced some problem solving in the form of Cracking the Code for their retrieval practice of the 5x table and Albert Square, an investigation looking at housing 36 people in eight houses around a square in which we used place value counters to build our models before drawing the solutions.

Week commencing 18th September 2023

In PE this half term, Year 3 are developing their racket skills. We practised holding the racket in different positions and bending our knees so that we had a low body position. After controlling hitting the ball to a target we tried returning a ball, from a serve, to our partners. 

Week commencing 11th September

As part of our geography learning about the River Humber, Year 4 sorted key vocabulary to match them with their definitions before labelling a diagram showing the parts of a river. These pieces of work were then used to write about the journey a river takes from source to mouth.

Week commencing 5th September

Welcome back Class 3! What a busy start to the term we've had. Year 3 have begun reading a variety of Greek myths, sequencing the story of King Midas before writing it in their own words. The children felt that King Midas had learned his lesson and wouldn't be greedy again.

In science, we began our Magnets and Forces unit by investigating the strength of a magnet pulling a paper clip across different sufarces. At first, we expected our magnets to be a lot stronger than they are. and with the desktop being a smooth, shiny surface we thought that the paper clip could be over 20cm away before the magnet pulled it. We were surprised when the actual result was 4cm! This helped us to make more educated estimations for other surfaces such as: foil, carpet, paper and fabric.